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About Us!

Geek'd Soaps is a Black-owned anime & video game inspired shop based in Illinois, USA. We originally opened in 2018 under the name "CiAyeTea". We recently underwent a full rebrand and changed our shop name!

All products are handmade by us! You can visit our Instagram to see how we make and package them! 

At your event, we would sell our Artisan Soaps, Lip Balm and Apparel. We also offer Custom products, but these are online exclusives only.


Artisan Soap

 One for All, Half Hot, Half Cold & Explosion
Decay & Cremation
Erasure, BMI Hero & Winged Hero
Sun Drop & Moon Drop
Water Breathing, Blood Demon Art, Beast Breathing & Thunder Breathing
Infinite Void, 7:3 Sorcerer & Manipulation
King of Curses
Lip Balm
 Bite of '87 & Butterscotch Pie
Lon Lon Milk, Golden Apple & Wumpa Fruit
Bungee Gum & Milk Bread